Thursday, July 2, 2015

Building Relationships --BEFORE School Starts

Every summer I look forward to getting my class list and finding out who my "kids" will be for the next year! :) Once I get that list, I hand write a post-card to each child so that I can introduce myself, invite them to our school's Meet and Greet and get them excited for a fun year of learning! 

I feel that this simple gesture helps soooo much in building positive relationships with both my students AND parents. I have so many parents thanking me for sending their child mail. Many of them say it was the first time their child ever received mail and they wish they could've captured the look of sheer joy and excitement as they read the post-card out loud. These post cards help to let my students know that I care and they seem to be a little less nervous upon meeting me (because they feel they kind of already know me). 

I would always purchase generic post-cards at the local teacher supply store. It was about $5.00-$7.00 for a pack of  25. If I had more than 25 kids, I had to purchase two packs.

Last year, I decided to just save myself some money and create some post cards of my own! 

I finally got around to putting it all together into an editable file. There are 5 different post card styles to choose from, with the last style being grade level specific.You can open this file up in Power Point and type your own messages as well as student addresses. If you prefer to hand write, you could simply print the post cards then write each message out. 

You will need to print on both sides of the card stock…so I recommend playing around with printing a little before printing out all your post cards!

I will have these post cards on sale in my TPT store until 7/5 7:00 PM Hawaii Time.

I also have these post cards available as a freebie in my TPT store! :)


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Google Tone {To the Rescue!}

It sure have been awhile since my last Bright Ideas Post..but I am so excited to be linking up for this month's June Bright Ideas Hop!

Do you use technology in your classroom? 

If you answered yes to the above question you have probably experienced the headache of explaining, redirecting, waiting, and trouble shooting your 28 little angels to a certain website (where you plan to begin your lesson or activity). During this time, you have probably also witnessed little voices shouting out and hands being raised asking "Wait..what was I supposed to type?" or "What was I supposed to click after this step?". 

Today I have the solution to this problem! 

Google Tone allows teachers to send webpages directly to their students through a sound wave. 
Accessing a site will now be easy and quick! No more wasted time.

Here's how to get started:
Download Google Tone from the Chrome Web Store.
After downloading, you will get a little blue megaphone icon added next to your URL address bar. 

Thank you so much for stopping by today!!
 I hope that this tip can save you some precious time in your classroom :)
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For more bright ideas from other bloggers, please browse through the link-up below and choose a topic/grade level that interests you.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

2 for Tuesday


Happy summer to those of you who are already on summer break. I hope that you are taking some time for yourself and relaxing! Today I am spending the day in a PD. I'm using my little break to type up this quick post.

I'm linking up with Cyndie from Chalk One up for the Teacher for her 2 for Tuesday link-up.

Head on over to Cyndie's blog to check out the other great products on sale today! :) 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Five for Friday

Happy Saturday, Friends!

I'm back again this week to link up with Doodlebugs Teaching for another:

This week we were finishing up our learning on Data Analysis. In 3rd grade, students are required to   create their own pictographs and bar graphs and be able to analyze their data as well. practice this skill students were put into groups. With their partners they were required to generate a question they wanted to collect data on. For homework, they went home and conducted their surveys. The next day in school, they organized their data then created a bar graph and pictograph to represent the data collected. They then generated questions that other students would need to answer in regards to their graphs. 

Some of the graphs included these topics: Favorite fun thing to do, favorite pizza topping, favorite NFL team, favorite sport, favorite gaming system, favorite flower, favorite color, and favorite food.

Once all of the posters were done I went and hung/posted them all throughout our classroom. I announced to the students that we would be playing Musical Math Mania!! They were sooo excited but had no clue what the game even was! LOL. 

I played some music and they would boogie around the room. As soon as the music stopped they needed to quickly get to the nearest poster and start analyzing the data! They recorded the answers to the questions on their posters in their math notebooks. When the music started again, they would be able to boogie around the room again until the music stopped.

They LOVED this game and got a lot of really great practice in and didn't even realize it!

We started working on contractions this week. The students had so much fun working on this center, I decided to give it a facelift and add to my TPT store. 

I've also decided to put it on sale for only $2.00 for the rest of this weekend! 

 This week we also started learning about fractions.
 I did an introductory lesson to fractions using Whole Brain Teaching for my observation. I think it went pretty well. We spent some time discussing what fractions were, looked at examples, talked about fraction examples and non-examples then did a quick assessment on our learning using these task cards 

All 28 of my students demonstrated complete understanding after our introductory lesson! 

Whole Brain Teaching has truly transformed my teaching…. If you have never heard of WBT, definitely check it out!! There are even opportunities for FREE WBT conferences here!

Here is an awesome video of the fabulous Farrah Shipley teaching fractions to Kindergartners!! 


Once the kids got down fraction of a whole, we moved on to fraction of a set. We called up on some students to the front of the room and started identifying fractions. 1/4 of the students are girls, 3/4 of the students are boys, etc. I then had the kids draw themselves and had them add as much details as possible. They put themselves onto their poster boards then wrote fraction sentences about their groups! 

I hope you have a great weekend!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Five for Friday

Aloha, fellow teacher friends!

It sure has been awhile..but I'm here to share with you what I've been up to this past week.

Today I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for:

This week we went on field trip to the Living Art Marine Center. The kids got to touch the invertebrate sea creatures, and even do their very own Gyotaku printings! 

We've been hard at work learning about the Elements of Art. This week we learned about lines and shapes. We created the beautiful piece of artwork pictured above using various types of lines and went around the school hunting for geometric and organic shapes. 

All of the activities we did this week can be found in this resource! 

We've been working on determining the author or main character's point of view and providing text evidence to support our answers. 

These task cards from Adventures of Mrs. Smith have been such a huge help for us to practice this skill! {Click on the photo below if you'd like to check it out on TPT} 

We've also begun to work on data analysis this week ...

This past week, we have been having some CRAZY traffic on Oahu due to the zip mobile being broken. Being that we live on an island, there aren't any replacement parts nor did anywhere on the island carry these said parts. SO 2 lanes on the free way going West bound (which is where all the heavy afternoon traffic is) were closed causing a normal 1 hour commute in traffic to be anywhere from 3-6 hours!!! 

The hubby and I unfortunately live on the West we took advantage and headed into town (opposite direction) and went in search of a happy hour. Lucky thing, we rolled up to a restaurant where my brother was starting a beer tasting (for a new restaurant he is opening) so we got in on it!! 
We got to sample all of these delicious craft beers. My favorite was the Belching Beaver Milk Stout (tastes exactly like coffee!) 

Happy Easter! I hope you enjoy this weekend with loved ones!! 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

All I Want for Christmas is a…. TpT Gift Certificate! {GIVEAWAY!!}

Did you know that TpT now sells gift certificates?! This has been my go to perfect, no brainer gift for other teacher friends and student teachers! 

I know that most of us are now on our much needed Winter Break and don't even want to think about school or working!  I hope that you are able to find the time to relax and enjoy yourselves with family and loved ones….Too often we as teachers forget to enjoy ourselves and relax!

 The break is going to fly by for us all, and on that dreaded Sunday before returning back to school, most of us will be scrambling to come up with our lesson plans for the upcoming week. 
Don't sweat it though, because I will be giving away a $10 TpT Gift Certificate to one lucky follower!

 You can use it for some top-notch resources upon returning to school, OR gift it to another teaching buddy of yours :) I am linking up with Laura Candler from Corkboard Connections and a BUNCH of other great teacher bloggers who are also giving away a $10 certificate on their own blogs. Be sure to head through the link-up at the bottom of this post and enter each drawing!  

How to Enter
I'm using Rafflecopter to host my giveaway, and you can earn up to 5 entries if you complete all the items listed. To enter the contest, complete any or all of these entries before midnight EST on December 23rd. Be sure to read the terms and conditions before you complete the entry form.

Remember, if anyone asks you what YOU want for Christmas, be sure to tell them that all you want for Christmas is a TpT gift certificate! I sincerely hope your winter holiday is fabulous and that you enjoy time with the special people in your life! Be sure to check your email on December 24th to see if you won!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Holiday Gifts

Happy December, Friends! 

Today I am linking up with my blogging buddies from the Elementary Grapevine to present to you a Holiday Blog Hop!!

Today I will be sharing some gift ideas with you that I have done in the past.

Student Gifts
Each year, I order books from Scholastic and stock up on the multiplication flash cards from the Target dollar section. I will usually add in a candy cane, Christmas pencil, and some type of holiday straw into their gift bags. 

I also bake these melted snowman cookies for them. 

If you would like detailed directions on how to create these cookies, as well as an awesome sugar cookie recipe you can check out this post.

If you're interested in using these editable cookie bag toppers, you can download a free copy in my TPT store.

Parent Gifts
Each year my students make snowman finger printed ornaments to gift to their families. It is super simple and easy. I purchase clear plastic ornaments (because the glass ones easily shatter) and fill them with glitter (fake snow).

Faculty Gifts
I usually like to give something small to the office staff, custodians, counselors, etc. They help to ensure the school runs smoothly but often get overlooked. It can get a bit pricy when purchasing something for all of these people, so I usually like to bake something. 

One year I made some chocolate covered pretzels and decorated them with sprinkles. In addition I baked some brownies and added some candy canes to this cute holiday box and then tied it up with a cute bow.

Another idea is to make some puppy chow, add some holiday m&ms and throw them into a Mason Jar. This comes out SUPER CUTE and who doesn't like puppy chow?! 

In the back row of the photo above, I also used some large Mason jars and added dry cookie ingredients. I decided to do M&M cookies, since they're much more colorful than plain chocolate chips (although I believe they have red and green chocolate chips now!) 

I added some ribbon and tied on directions on how to prep. the cookies (along with the wet ingredients needed). You can snag the labels I used here

I hope you are able to use some of these ideas this holiday season! All of these gifts are easily adaptable for anyone :) What are your go-to holiday gifts? I'd love to hear in the comment section below! 

Head on over to Lory's blog to find out about Classroom Snowball Fights!!